Diego de La Rosa

Diego de La Rosa


Which influences were important for my dance?

Mainly, my inspirations come from contemporary dance, breakdance, hip-hop experimental,yoga and martial arts. I get inspired by everything around me and try to translate it into an abstract dance movement.

What's my speciality and how would I describe my style?

I don’t usually like to describe myself as dancer of a specific style because over the years, I have been inspired by so many different kinds of dance and body movements that it has evolved into how I move today. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I come from a bboy background with a big contemporary influence. I tend to do a lot of floor works and you can see in my dance that I have very dynamic and explosive movements. I am always in the search of new ways to break classic movements, trying to direct them to unusual places.

What's important for me in dance to pass on to my students?

I am passionate about dance and I want to transmit it to my students, I want them to get involved in the dance class and in dance in general. It’s important that they reach a high level of concentration. I want them to explore their body to get more availability and possibilities in their movements, to improve their skills and to always be more curious. It's not only about the techniques; it's also about the feelings and the flow. I want them to enjoy and to learn by playing and having fun without being conscious of how much they are working. I want them to get rougher and sharper in their reactions, to be physically strong while at the same time being delicate and soft.

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